Jia Jia Original Herbal Tea
Why drink Chinese herbal tea for heatiness

There are plenty of reasons and benefits to drink Chinese herbal tea in Singapore.

4 Benefits of drinking Herbal Tea  
Herbal teas Also, affectionately referred to locally as ‘Liang Teh’ are not made from tea leaves or the tea tree. They are instead made by brewing herbs, flowers, or stems. Herbal tea’s origins can be traced back to Ancient China, which has been used for centuries for its tastiness and healing value. As a result, herbal tea has numerous health benefits.
3 Types of Occasion to drink Liang Cha 

Are you feeling the unbearable heat of Singapore? Why not grab a can of cooling Jia Jia Liang Cha at anytime, anywhere.

A short introduction about Jia Jia Liang Cha – Jia Jia Liang cha is made with 11 all-natural herbs that have been skilfully brewed using traditional methods and delicately extracted with time.