Jia Jia Original Herbal Tea

3 Types of Occasion to drink Liang Cha  

Are you feeling the unbearable heat of Singapore? Why not grab a can of cooling Jia Jia Liang Cha at anytime, anywhere.

A short introduction about Jia Jia Liang Cha – Jia Jia Liang cha is made with 11 all-natural herbs that have been skilfully brewed using traditional methods and delicately extracted with time.

Our recipe tells a story of the brand’s long heritage that has stood the test of time, promising you the full herbal goodness with the nostalgic sense of comfort of the beverage every time, just like returning home.

Pair It With Your Meals

After lunch, many people drink soft drinks or coffee. Instead, try out Jia Jia liang cha, a more beneficial choice because it boosts immunity and reduces heat. Jia Jia has three different types of flavours such as original, less sweet & 0% sugar. It’s made with 100% natural ingredients, perfect cooling herbal tea for Singapore’s weather. It’s a perfect beverage to goes with food!

When you feel ’Heatiness’ 

The term ‘heatiness’ can refer to the accumulation of toxins in your body due to eating junk food and thus the need to detoxify. Liang cha, in particular, is well known for its detoxifying properties and being a rich source of dietary fibre. Drinking tea, also known as ‘Liang Cha,’ is one of the most traditional methods to increase your immunity. Liang Cha is said to prevent oxidative stress and decrease the risk of many diseases by resisting disease and viruses. Liangcha can be found anywhere in the supermarket & convenience store, you can easily find them wherever you go. 

Are you organising a party or gathering at your home? Stock up Jia Jia Liang Cha for your guests or your loved ones. It’s a good choice because of its benefits, and of course, if you are health-conscious, you will love our less sugar liang cha and zero sugar liang cha.
However, if you prefer a sweeter version, you could even add a spoon of honey to it. Combining Liang Cha with honey is an excellent combination because both help reduces heat, ideal for Singapore’s hot summer weather.
You can get Jia Jia Herbal Tea in major supermarkets, F&B outlets, convenience stores and online. Available in 300ml and 500ml.